Covid-19 safety pledge

In these uncertain times, health and safety has never been more important. I already had a good plan in place for ensuring my clients were visiting both a clean and safe salon, but now we have been given some stricter guidelines to follow from both the Government and from my beauty insurer. These are detailed below.

Clients requirements

When booking an appointment clients will be sent a new consultation form to update my records. Clients will be asked to arrive on time for appointment. If arriving early, you will be asked to remain in your car until your appointment time to allow me the correct amount of time to clean in between clients. Late arrival could mean your treatment time is reduced or may need to be cancelled. 24 hours notice minimum is required for cancellation. Clients are asked to sanitise their hands both on arrival and when leaving. At present all treatments are available, however many require clients to wear a mask. The only exception is where this isnt possible for the treatment to be completed, such as a facial or facial waxing. I am therefore asking all clients to please wear a face mask where possible, to protect myself and my family, as well as yourselves. Thank you for your understanding.


If paying by cash, I ask that you have the correct amount as no change will be given. Payment can be made by card, paypal or bank transfer. 

My requirements

I have updated PPE requirements to follow, including the wearing of a visor for all treatments. Additionally I will also be wearing a mask for added safety. Gloves will be worn for all treatments where by they wont affect my services (such as massage). Between clients I will be cleaning down all areas, and changing/cleaning all PPE worn. By law, I am required to ask all clients to complete a covid-19 decleration which will be used for the NHS track and trace service.