Retreats - Treatment Packages

BRAND NEW for 2020 are the Retreats, treatment packages perfectly paired to encourage the deepest sense of calm and relaxation. With 6 choices over all, there's something for everyone. These are available for individuals or for friends*. If you cant see your perfect treatment combination then pop me a message and I will create a bespoke retreat just for you. All packages, with the exception of Reinvigorate, can be adapted for pregnancy (only after 12 weeks/first scan) and breastfeeding.

Relax - £30

Slowly drift away to the calming scent of Lavender, as I begin working on any knots and tension in your back and neck. This is complimented by a double cleanse and exfoliation on the face, clearing away dead skin cells and awakening your skin. A calming face, neck and shoulder massage follows, finishing with your scalp to help you find a sense of clarity.

Appointment time 1 hour

Recharge - £45

If you need chance to recharge your mind then this is the perfect retreat for you. A deep cleansing back exfoliation treatment starts your relaxation, before a tension relieving massage works on build up within your back, neck and shoulders. A bespoke facial follows, including a liquid peel for that deep exfoliation of your skin, and a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage. A pressure point massage of the scalp will help to relieve any tension build up, ensuring you leave feeling recharged and ready to face the world.

Appointment time 1.5 hour

Renew - £58

A beautifully relaxing Retreat, for those with a busy life who need to take a step back and refresh their body and mind. A full body exfoliation removes all dead skin, allowing the radiance oils from the full body massage to soak deeper into the skin. A double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a calming face and scalp massage will soothe the mind and restore some clarity. The delicate scent of Rose adds to the luxury feel of this Retreat.

Appointment time 2 hours

*Please note I do not offer male treatments so I am unable

to offer these as a package for couples. 

Reinvigorate - £30

An invigorating treatment, that will make the mouth water. We begin with a citrus scrub on the back, followed by a back massage, soothing away tension build up. We then continue with the citrus scrub and oil application, covering the rest of the body, before finishing with an uplifting face and scalp massage. The Reinvigorate Retreat is perfect for those looking to start a detox journey towards firmer skin.

Appointment time 1 hour

Rejuvenate - £45

Perfect for those in need of some extra skin therapy, the Rejuvenate Retreat focuses on replenishing lost moisture, whilst brightening your skin. Enjoy the benefits of the Jade stone roller within your facial, whilst a deeply therapeutic facial massage including pressure points will continue this journey of hydration and relaxation. This facial has been paired with a rejuvenating hand treatment, including exfoliation of dead skin and a deeply soothing hand and arm massage, to help restore moisture and youthfulness to your hands.

Appointment time 1.5 hours

Restore - £65

In this hectic world we live in, it has never been more important to find time for yourself. The Restore Retreat is the most tranquil of all retreats, focusing on the full effects of the holistic world of treatments. We begin your session with some deep breathing techniques and scalp pressures to begin the sense of tranquillity. Starting with the Revitalise facial, incorporating the use the Jade stone roller to increase lymphatic flow, reducing puffiness and sensitivity to the skin. Whilst the face mask is working, we turn to the pressure points in the feet, using Reflexology to continue our relaxation journey. A sensory journey, paired perfectly with Lavender and Ylang-Ylang. 

Appointment time 2.5 hour