I offer both natural nail treatments as well as Gel polish and Extensions.



Manicure - £14

Cuticles are tidied and the shape of your nail is neatened. A hand massage soothes the skin and muscles before a polish is added should you wish.

File and polish - £8

Nails are trimmed and tidied before a polish is applied

Pedicure - £18

We begin with soaking your feet whilst you enjoy a drink, before removing hard skin and exfoliation helps to refresh the skin. Cuticles are tidied and the nails are trimmed and filed before a deeply soothing foot massage helps to reduce the tension build up in one of the most used areas of the body. A polish of your choice is then used to enhance the nails. Flip flops are required for this treatment to allow the polish time to dry.

NEW Pedicure and peel - £28
You get to enjoy all of the above treats for your feet with the added pleasure of a pedicure peel, helping to reduce the excess build up of hard skin.
More than 1 treatment may be required to get the desired results. Aftercare products are available for this treatment.



Full set of extensions with

Gel polish - £35

A full set of tips are applied before hard gel is used to strengthen the nail. A gel polish of your choice can then be added to complete the look.

Please note there may be additional charges for some looks including nail art.

Extension repairs - from £4.50

Extension repairs are charged for accidental damage or breakage after the first 5 days of application. Before this there is no charge.

Infills - from £20

Nails are tidied and gel polish is buffed away before a new colour is applied. Usually booked 2-3 weeks after your first nail application to ensure no damage is caused to your natural nail. 

Gel polish hands or feet - £18

Nails are trimmed and tidied, cuticles trimmed and a gel polish of your choice is applied to enhance the nail. Hard Gel can be added to give additional strength to your nail. There may be an additional charge for some looks and nail art.

Gel polish hands and feet - £30

Soak off - £10

Gel polish and extensions are gently removed to avoid damage to your natural nail.

Soak off with

re-hydrating Manicure - £15

Add on a manicure to nourish and rehydrate the nail.